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Indy Youth Sports uses football as a tool to teach basic life skills, and to expose, educate and impart to players, parents and coaches a culture of core values.


Indy Youth Sports' Rookie Leagues uses the Rookie Tackle® model developed by USA Football. It serves as a bridge game between flag and 11-person tackle and an entry point for new tackle players. Our Rookie League progresses from flag football for 1st-2nd graders to tackle for 3rd-6th graders. The Modified Tackle format helps maximize the youth tackle experience for first-time players. It is designed to enhance fundamental skill progression, increase physical activity and foster long-term athlete development. Rule modifications include no special teams, two-point stances and roster limits to strengthen greater participation. Participants in our Rookie Leagues rotate and learn multiple positions and skills on offense and defense. Indy Youth Sports partners with IPS and local charter schools to host teams throughout the city of Indianapolis.

Participating schools include:

1st-2nd Grade

Flag Football is a fun and accessible non-contact program for girls and boys in 1st and 2nd grades.

1st-2nd Grades

A safe introduction to tackle football, Rookie Tackle was developed by USA Football to improve the playing experience for young athletes.

3rd-4th Grade
Modified Tackle

3rd-4th Grades

In order to increase activity, game play, safety and learning, certain rule modifications are structured into the framework.

5th-6th Grade
Modified Tackle

5th-6th Grades


Up to 48 teams across 8 local "franchises" compete each season in Indy Youth Sports' Recreational Leagues. Practice and game play is structured after USA Football's Player Development Model to make the game safer by reducing contact and teaching in a way that meets an athlete where they are in their development.

Players in the Recreational League participate at the following levels:

8 and Under (8U)

  • Games are played on half the field.

  • Ball handling maximum weight is 80 lbs.

  • Games are played in two 20-minute halves with 3 timeouts per game.

  • There are no special teams. Offensive possession begins on the 40-yard line.

10 and Under (10U)

  • The season starts with half-field play and moves to full-field after 3 games.

  • Ball handling maximum weight is 105 lbs.

  • Limited special teams with no resistance are introduced.

12 and Under (12U)

  • Full-field play with four 8-minute quarters.

  • Teams receive 2 timeouts per half.

  • Ball handling maximum is 130 lbs.



The Indy Youth Sports' CAPS compete in the Indiana Elementary Football Association (IEFA), considered to be the highest level of youth football for its age group. IEFA provides statewide competition for players, allowing for an accelerated development of the players’ knowledge of the game on both sides of the ball. Any player in the 4th, 5th, or 6th grade that will not reach his 13th birthday prior to June 1 is eligible.

Indy Youth Sports 7-on-7 Friday Night Lights

Indy Youth Sports' Friday Night Lights 7-on-7 program at Tabernacle Presbyterian field gives high school student athletes a safe, fun and structured environment to engage their peers and develop their skills. This is a player-led league with no coaches. Guest speakers, food and drinks will be provided for all players and adult supervision is provided for the safety and convenience of players and their families.

Rookie Leagues
Recreational Leagues
Premiere Leagues
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