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Indy Youth Sports practices a Positive Coaching Philosophy. Our goal is to develop coaches who can serve as positive role models for youth and parents.


  • Make It Fun: We do things we enjoy. Coaches help players enjoy the sport.

  • Focus on Growth Goals: Are we better now than where we were at the beginning of the season?

  • Teaching vs. Criticizing: Fear of failing leads to anxiety, anxiety decreases effort and adversely affects learning

  • Boost Self-Confidence: Players will work harder and stick to the task longer

  • 5:1 Rule: Providing positive feedback five times more than providing criticism increases player performance


Indy Youth Sports coaches consistently promote and reward reading, attendance, homework, and good behavior. It is part of our coaches' responsibility to liaise with the parents and players to help motivate and encourage players to work hard and do well in school.


Indy Youth Sports coaches should promote and reward effort. Players should learn from mistakes to help them overcome obstacles in life. Our team environments should build respect and encourage personal growth.


Indy Youth Sports strives for organizational excellence. We expect our coaches to put player safety first and practice positive communication. Individual player development should focus on the physical health and emotional well-being of every member of the team. Parents are an integral part of our success and should be encouraged to participate in building a positive environment for all players, teams and families.

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